Overview: Our Self-care programs offer you and your organization an opportunity to address mental, emotional, and physical health and wellness.  Participants will learn the tools and importance of taking care of themselves before they are able to take care of others.  Working with certified wellness coaches, personal trainers, and registered dietitians, participants will experience state of the art fitness and wellness facilities, comfortable guest rooms and world class healthy cuisine all within the beauty and privacy of 300 wooded acres.

Programming Features:

  • Facilitated workshops with wellness and nutrition professionals that focus on healing, stress management, pain management, and self-care.
  • Facilitated workouts with qualified fitness professionals that promote physical healing through movement.
  • Guided workshops to help participants experience pain management techniques relating to physical, mental, and emotional pain.
  • Access to on-site recreation facilities including hiking trails, reflexology paths, outdoor and indoor pools and spas, saunas, and waterfront activities.
  • Healthy meals and snacks designed and prepared by a team of nutritionists and chefs.
  • On-going and continuous access to wellness coaches, personal trainers, and registered dietitians for all program participants, even after program completion.
  • Facilitated team building activities that help build camaraderie, trust, and engage a sense of play.

Wellness Education

Overview: Participants work with wellness coaches and nutritionists to uncover underlying stress triggers and understand how to identify and manage stress on a daily basis. 

Key Programming:

 Understanding Stress Workshops: designed to help participants understand how stress affects the body, how to identify physical and emotional symptoms of stress.  This workshop will also prompt participants to identify their own personal signs of stress so they can become more self-aware of their needs.

Reflexology: participants experience reflexology and gain a general understanding of this ancient healing practice along with the use of essential oils.  An overview of the practice is given, and guests practice techniques on their feet, hands, and face.  Participants have opportunities to use the outdoor reflexology path, incorporating the benefits of nature into the healing practice.

Aromatherapy Workshops: focusing on helping the body detox and heal, nutrition workshops provided by Registered Dietitians help individuals create nutrition plans to help them heal, limit weight gain associated with quitting smoking, and address mood swings in a healthy way.

Mindfulness Workshops: focusing on stress management, certified wellness coaches work with participants to help them identify ways to become more mindful with simple activities they can do daily to cultivate mindfulness in a healthy way.

River of Life Workshop:  individuals use art therapy in a supported environment to explore their past and gain insight into how past experience has shaped their current mood and mindset.  Working with wellness coaches, participants draw their life as a river, incorporating happy, sad, traumatic, and joyful times.  This exercise also helps participants move past trauma and visualize their future in a healthier mindset.

Daily Relaxation and Breathing Workshops: designed to provide rapid relaxation and help participants overcome stress.  Relaxation activities also help participants sleep and give individuals the tools to help them relax and rest at home.

Sleep Preparation Workshops: participants will utilize specific techniques to induce and improve sleep.  Activities include stress management and relaxation exercises, physical stretching and muscle manipulation, and specific nutrition and supplement recommendations to promote healthy, quality sleep.  These techniques are especially beneficial to shift workers and individuals with inconsistent schedules.


  • Members will successfully identify personal stress triggers and understand their personal physical and emotional symptoms of stress.
  • Members will experience stress management techniques and will explore examples of stress management techniques they can use in their everyday lives.
  • Members will set goals to address personal causes of stress and overcome barriers to achieving daily stress management.
  • Members will successfully identify ways they can improve sleep and practice good sleep hygiene.

Physical Activity

Overview: Participants work with certified personal trainers to understand how exercise can impact stress, how to create and adapt fitness programs to meet their needs, and how to manage pain through physical activity. 

Key Programming:

InBody Body Composition Assessments: participants have the opportunity to analyze their body composition on an InBody 520 bioelectrical impedance machine.  The results of each assessment give participants an idea of their current muscle, fat, and fluid stores, and provide a better understanding of their metabolism and calorie needs. Results are explained by certified personal trainers and Registered Dietitians.

Physical Fitness: to maximize the healing power of movement, participants work with trainers to understand how to use fitness equipment safely, how to plan physical activity into their day, and how to make workouts more efficient.  Participants engage in outdoor fitness activities such as hiking to take advantage of the benefits of nature.

Yoga: Gentle yoga classes are offered to help build strength and flexibility.  Adaptations are provided by qualified instructors to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants, regardless of ability or mobility.  Yoga and physical movement is also incorporated into wellness and sleep preparation activities.

Myofascial Release Workshop: designed to help beginners and seasoned athletes alike, this workshop gives an introduction to foam rolling and other simple muscle release practices that help manage pain.  Participants receive instructions on how to safely use foam rollers and yoga tune up balls, and are given an opportunity to experience foam rolling and myofascial release.


  • Members will participate in physical fitness activities and demonstrate the ability to safely use fitness equipment and free weights.
  • Members will experience a variety of fitness activities to help individuals identify enjoyable activities they can incorporate into their daily lives.
  • Members will experience exercise to help alleviate stress and physical pain and demonstrate ways to incorporate these activities into their everyday lives.


Overview: Participants work with Registered Dietitians to learn how nutrition can impact mood, stress, hormone levels, and inflammation.

Key Programming:

Juicing Demonstration: designed to help participants understand the basics of juicing and how to incorporate fresh juices into a healthy diet.  This demonstration shows the step by step process of making healthy juices, from selecting ingredients to preparation and consumption.  Participants will also be able to sample juices. 

Herbal Tea Workshops: a variety of medicinal herbs and teas are introduced to participants along with the ability to taste the herbs.  This workshop offers guests an opportunity to learn simple herbs to improve digestion, promote sleep, reduce inflammation, and gently detoxify the body. 

Nutrition Workshops: focused on building nutrition fundamentals, participants work with registered dietitians and discuss the basics of macronutrients and how they are used in the body, how to properly balance meals to maintain healthy blood sugar and weight, and how to reduce inflammation through nutrition.  Workshops will address all aspects of nutrition and how to apply healthy eating to shift work and inconsistent schedules.   

Hands-On Cooking Demonstration:  participants work alongside chefs and dietitians to learn simple, healthy cooking techniques to use in their everyday lives.  Special attention is given to simple meals that can be made quickly and on a budget.


  • Members will participate in nutrition education and identify foods that can reduce inflammation and balance hormones.
  • Members will experience cooking with chefs and understand how to incorporate simple cooking techniques into their everyday lives.
  • Members will learn the benefits of eating whole foods and understand what foods can trigger inflammation, stress, and imbalances.

Complimentary Hybrid Meeting Upgrade

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  • Healthy Snacks and Beverages Throughout Your Meeting and Day
  • An Afternoon Hike or Mindful Mile
  • Access to Our Abundant Recreation Activities
  • Open Pool and Open Gym (6-8am, and 4-10pm)

REVIVE: Stress Management Program

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  • Healthy snacks and beverages throughout the day
  • Self care workshop