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Team Building

Teambuilding - Building Teams through Experiential Activities

Experiential Activities performed as a group are an invaluable tool in trying to create or strengthen a Team.  Those organizations that realize this, are often the ones that achieve a higher degree of success.  Beaver Hollow advances Teambuilding the next step forward with activities designed to improve the performance of your people and organization. 

Beaver Hollow offers a variety of activities that are designed to address common workplace challenges.  They range from simple energizer type activities to more complex critical thinking challenges.  You can choose from two different types of activities; High Element Activities or Low Activities.

  • The High Element Activities generally take longer, with 1 hour being the average length of time.
  • The Low Activities generally run from 30 to 45 minutes in length.

If your organization is undergoing one of the personality assessment tools, we have paired activities that underscore the results of those tools.

Most of these teambuilding activities can take place indoors, as well as outdoors, and offer your group the chance to let their inner competitor out!

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We provide Facilitators for your event with the knowledge and experience to deliver a program that is specific to the needs and expectations of your organization.  Our skilled Facilitators help your leaders, managers, teams and individuals learn experientially and to integrate their experiences at Beaver Hollow into the culture of your organization.


Beaver Hollow is unlike any Team building setting with an ever-expanding facility and array of equipment.  We integrate the activities and elements into the beautiful natural surroundings.  Being outside, either in warm weather or colder weather, engaging in a fun and exhilarating program is incomparable.

Picture some of the following scenarios on our beautiful property as possibilities for your group:

  • The Catapult Challenge taking place on our Beach overlooking the beautiful Lake
  • Helping a co-worker succeed in one of the many activities that take place amongst the majestic cherry trees in our Teambuilding Park
  • Relaxing around our Bonfire while sharing your group's experiences of the day

Our property truly offers the perfect setting to allow real bonding and real breakthroughs to happen.


Beaver Hollow will work with your group to create an event that is enjoyable, relevant and meaningful.  This is accomplished by integrating your challenges and goals into thought-provoking interactive activities.

For little investment, so much can be gained by your group through the interaction they have with each other outside of the typical workplace.  You will walk away from the experience confident that the effort and resources that went into coordinating a group event has lasting positive results.

Your group will not forget their experience at Beaver Hollow! 

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